Albert Park Top Ten Women’s Fastest Times over 3.5km

Name Date Finish Time
Tegan Tiss2015-02-2400:13:04
Sam Gidley2012-04-2400:15:41
Camilla Evans2012-06-1900:15:48
Amber Louw2013-10-0100:16:10
Joanne Taserski2016-11-0800:16:33
Jen Johnson2012-10-3000:16:43
Ange Gidley2013-10-2900:17:02
Helen Burns2015-12-0800:17:20
Amy Robertson2015-12-0800:17:30
Kirby OBrien2013-02-2600:17:30

Albert Park Women’s Yearly Fastest Time over 3.5km

Name Year Finish Time
Hannah Di Cocco202200:19:40
Monica Massimini202100:19:49
Lisa Flower202000:18:28
Makere Hurst201900:17:54
Chihiro Isjima201800:18:58
Liz McCutcheon201700:19:48
Joanne Taserski201600:16:33
Tegan Tiss201500:13:04
Nin Macken201400:18:16
Sam Gidley201300:15:41
Camilla Evans201200:15:48

Note: Please be aware results above are for Albert Park only, races at other locations are not included due to inconsistencies when making comparisons.