Winning the mind game for new runners – Part 2

A few months ago, I talked about the resistance which new runners face when taking up running as their sport for the first time. If you haven’t read Part 1 of this article yet, consider having a read of it now. To recap: the child you once were, is alive and well and living inside your head even now! He or she is exerting an influence on your decisions. For many of you, your inner child sees exercise as a negative thing which is to be avoided. However, if you can get the little guy “on-side”, you won’t have to […]

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Are you really looking after your feet? Now is the time to give them a little more TLC!

This month, Nina Sventek, podiatrist and owner of FootBodySole in Albert Park, gives us some tips on taking care of our feet – often neglected but vital for our running. Tips for shoes and socks to keep your feet supported Although we tend to think more about shoes, don’t underestimate the importance of socks. Firstly, they should not feel too tight or cut in around the leg, as this can hinder your circulation. If you are prone to blisters between the toes, try toe socks which help to reduce friction between the toes. Compression arch socks are an increasingly popular […]

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Tanya’s Kona marathon

Hawaii – here we come! My first ever marathon was to be on Hawaii’s Big Island – the infamous location of Hawaii’s Ironman course at Kona. The journey had started with 5 months of training, then flying in from Melbourne via Sydney to Oahu 10 days before the event to acclimatise to both the heat and humidity prior to heading onwards to the Big Island. During my stay in Oahu I did a lazy 21km divided into 3 runs around the base of the Diamond Head National Park along the coast. Hawaii is full of runners, and with the climate […]

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Winning the mind game for new runners

Just how do you change your mindset? If you have just recently started running, you may have noticed that your hardest challenge is winning the mind game. That is, each time you start your training, something inside you is resisting your efforts. What is the nature of this resistance and what can you do about it? At this point I’d like you to cast your mind back to the child you once were. When you were a child, what sort of things did you like and what sort of things did you dislike? And what sort of things did you […]

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Sunshine, surf and smiles at the GOR Running Festival

I’ve been a member of Gunnies for almost four years now, but it was only about four minutes into my very first evening with the group that I realised three key things: 1. Gunnies is insanely social and friendly 2. Everyone is welcomed regardless of their running ability and times 3. The Great Ocean Road Running Festival (I’ll refer to it as GORRF) is one of the biggest events for the club throughout the year. So it was with much sadness that, some 18 months later and after a ton of training in my running shoes, I had to pull […]

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Why do we find events irresistible, despite the price?

I don’t hear my running friends complaining about the cost of entry fees, but we have all had this thought as we click ‘Pay now’: I could run this (or a very similar) course for free! I read an article written in 2011 that asked ‘Will we get to the point where people pay $50 to run 5km?’ Well, in 2019 we are there – some events are charging around $50 whether you choose the 5 or 10km run. So, if we keep paying the money we must be seeing value. There are clearly some tangible elements that add value […]

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Do something different to get past a plateau

Runners are known for being goal-setters. I started running 4 years ago with the goals of fitness and weight maintenance. I was soon hooked, and I wanted to run further and faster, and to enter events – I didn’t want to miss out on the fun that my fellow Gunnies were having! However, my 5km time had plateaued. Pushing myself had sometimes tipped me into the injury zone, so that tactic was not working for me. Mixing with a community of goal-setting, go-getting runners, this frustrated me. I was still getting a lot of pleasure from running and from the […]

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The more things change, the more they stay the same

You might have seen the historic video clip from around 2004 posted in our facebook group by Alan Fitzgerald, the founder of Gunn Runners. It’s definitely worth another look!

In this segment from the TV show Getaway, hosted by Dermott Brereton, the Gunnies were featured as an Albert Park institution, along with the Jolly Roger Sailing club. The video surely is a club treasure that has surfaced!

The clip shows the same Gunnies spirit that lives on in 2019 – a bunch of happy people intent on having fun and keeping fit. For some there is friendly rivalry, while others just want to complete the course in a respectable time and get back to the pub for a beer.

Gunn Runners has been going since 2003, when the club was started by a few friends, so the video is probably a year or so after the beginning. Nowadays we welcome a real mix of regulars and newbies, with people discovering us more readily through Meetup, facebook and our website. Some have even sought us out before they’ve have landed in Australia … straight off the plane to the Limerick Arms, so to speak! Over the 16 years, running clubs have blossomed in Melbourne, and we still have something unique to offer amongst them.

We are proud to call ourselves ‘Melbourne’s most social running group’ – the byeline might be new, but the video is evidence that this has always been the case.

Happy 15th Anniversary!

Late January 2018 marks 15 years since Gunn Runners began. Some things haven’t changed – the regular Tuesday run has always been one lap of Albert Park – and the spirit of the club has always been one of friendliness, inclusiveness and encouragement of all running abilities. We’ve always met at a pub before the run and then encouraged people to stay for a drink and a meal afterwards. Over that time over 500 people have run with us and a few of the originals are still hanging around! We now meet at the Limerick Arms but this hasn’t always […]

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