You might have seen the historic video clip from around 2004 posted in our facebook group by Alan Fitzgerald, the founder of Gunn Runners. It’s definitely worth another look!

In this segment from the TV show Getaway, hosted by Dermott Brereton, the Gunnies were featured as an Albert Park institution, along with the Jolly Roger Sailing club. The video surely is a club treasure that has surfaced!

The clip shows the same Gunnies spirit that lives on in 2019 – a bunch of happy people intent on having fun and keeping fit. For some there is friendly rivalry, while others just want to complete the course in a respectable time and get back to the pub for a beer.

Gunn Runners has been going since 2003, when the club was started by a few friends, so the video is probably a year or so after the beginning. Nowadays we welcome a real mix of regulars and newbies, with people discovering us more readily through Meetup, facebook and our website. Some have even sought us out before they’ve have landed in Australia … straight off the plane to the Limerick Arms, so to speak! Over the 16 years, running clubs have blossomed in Melbourne, and we still have something unique to offer amongst them.

We are proud to call ourselves ‘Melbourne’s most social running group’ – the byeline might be new, but the video is evidence that this has always been the case.
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